Check the Product Description
As you are shopping, check each of our product descriptions for our sizing fit guide. This will tell you, in a glance, whether that particular item runs small, large or true to size to help you!
Use the Sizing Charts for Guidance
Using our sizing charts below if an item runs true to size, then the charts will be accurate. If our description says the item runs smaller or larger, then you know to size up or down accordingly!

Size Charts for Tops & Dresses

Jeans Sizing Guide!

We love jeans that FIT and we are here to make buying jeans FUN! Our models are sizes 0-24 and they try on every single pair of our jeans so that we can give you advice on what size to purchase for your shape and size.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Women's regular size boutique denim comes in odd sizes (0-15), we know that's not the norm but it IS with our jeans. To figure out your perfect fit size, take your highest even-sized pair of jeans that fit you, and subtract a number. So if you are normally a 12, you are an 11 in our perfect fit sizing.

Read Our Sizing Recommendation

This part is the IMPORTANT part! On each product, we will tell you to stay with your perfect fit, go down a size or go up a size etc. We know it can be scary but PLEASE trust us... we won't steer you wrong! So if your perfect fit number is 11 and we tell you to go DOWN 1 size, you will buy a 9, if we tell you to go UP 1 size you will be a 13. We try on every pair to be sure you get a perfect fit, every time!

For Women's PLUS sizes, your perfect fit size stays the same so if you are a 20W normally, stay with that size. If you fit into two different sizes, go with the smaller size as your perfect fit size. Then check each product for instructions and size up or down if we recommend it!

Our Models